How often is your air conditioner consistently letting you down to efficiently and sustainably cool your home at the temperature you want to keep comfortable during hot days?

When did your AC unit turn ten years old?

What is the amount of times you call for regular AC repairs throughout the year for the same unit?

Just suppose you realize you're not getting the cool home you expect from your current HVAC system. And suppose your unit is older than ten years and you're considering an AC repair even once or multiple times per year, then notice now is ideally the best time to invest in a new air conditioner.

Before you decide on your new AC installation, you don't want to merely buy from the first company you call.

Alternatively, you are doing your best due diligence to gather quotes from a select few air conditioning installation and replacement companies. Additionally, you'll want to pay attention to specific questions to make sure that you make the right and best unit for your house at the lowest price possible for the value most important to you that you want.

The first question to ask the potential air conditioning specialist, in no particular order, is who carries out the installation specifically.

When the company brings in subcontractors as your home HVAC installers, it may be best to continue your search elsewhere. Air conditioning installation companies that hire tested and proven licensed HVAC technicians in their own company for installation repairs and maintenance are more credible to deliver the assistance you can know is dependable.

At The Tempe HVAC Professional, we remain optimistic you will pick out us for your AC installation in Tempe and surrounding cities.

We back and stand behind the full scope of our efforts with a fulfillment guarantee for your satisfaction.

We equip the best top leading makes and lines of residential solely residential and commercial HVAC products to tailor-make every customer's requirements.

This reason ultimately explains how easily clients feel they come to notice they can undeniably place their faith in us!


Deciding on The Best Unit For Your Home:

  • Once you make up your mind that new air conditioner installation and installers are suitable for your home, next, you must choose a unit and HVAC system.
  • Now is the moment our tested and proven professional years of experience at The Tempe HVAC Professional start to kick back the advantage.
  • We assist you in choosing the amount of cooling capacity your home takes to run efficiently and effectively. Hence, you're able to avoid overpriced bills to unlock the home comfort you're searching to find. In addition, we can support you through your AC unit alternatives, giving you the power to select an HVAC system that performs best for your house.
  • Central Air Conditioning 
  • Central air conditioning is the top favored kind of air conditioning in Arizona, not only in Tempe. In the company of central air conditioners, a sizeable outdoor unit will give cool air throughout the complete home through an arrangement of ducts. While shopping for a central AC unit, you must think about the whole square footage of your home because the air conditioner units will be cooling the total capacity at once.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning 
  • When you barely occupy specific household rooms, or you happen to be including a home addition, then a ductless mini-split air conditioner could be a more optimal fit for your home. Ductless systems nevertheless use an outdoor unit, but air sends through distinct, separate indoor handlers that can cool the zones of the household. Every indoor unit comes with a separate thermostat.

Invest in The Best Air Conditioner Efficiency for You


An additional factor to chew over while shopping for investing in a new air conditioner is the specific unit's energy efficiency rating.

Essentially modern air conditioners are far more energy-efficient than older and out-of-date models.

These up-to-date models in the industry have also eliminated the application of R-22 refrigerant known as Freon. This upgrade means any new air conditioners are presumably to function extra eco-friendly than the current one you have now. Still, there is much variation in energy efficiency ratings.

Each new air conditioner is bound to have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER rating. These numbers stretch from 13 to 21.

13 is the current federal minimum efficiency rating, while 21 is the max efficiency. Despite that, simply investing in a unit that comes with a rating of 21 might not be the ideal economical selection for your home. Your goal is to create harmony. This balance is between the unit's energy efficiency and your likely cooling costs for the viability of the air conditioner unit. Especially for most homeowners, that goal means choosing an air conditioner unit within the 14-17 SEER range.

AC Installation Blueprint

Once you have selected your AC unit, the installation blueprint can start.

Our technician will initially stop by your home to get measurements and examine all ductwork and electrical duties that professionals must accomplish for the installer to install the new system. Next, we book a time for the installation separately.

Ordinarily, our installers can finish the install in one to two days.

Our drive at The Tempe HVAC Professional ensures AC installation quickly and affordably completes around your convenience. Instantly with this goal on your side, you can center in on your comfort personally. Our mission is to ensure that each customer we support is delighted with the service experienced. So, now, what does it take for you to start to get more information from us? Call us and tell us now. Our team will gladly respond to your requests and issues. When prepped to begin to connect on your home cooling requirements in Tempe or the nearby Arizona areas, call now 602-806-8063.

Keep the best cooling and air quality for you and the people in your environment.

Get the service that breakthrough how cooling efficiency accelerates.